Do Yorkies Shed? Learn the truth!

So here’s the question, do Yorkies shed?

Well… the answer depends on what one would consider to be shedding.

Let’s look into it shall we?

Hair vs. Fur.

Yorkshire Terriers are often given the label of being non-shedding and/or hypoallergenic dogs because of the type of coat that they have. While most dogs have a double coat of fur, Yorkies have a single coat of hair instead.

Double-coated dogs have a layer of stiff, long guard hairs which make up the fur of the topcoat, and an inner layer of shorter, finer hairs which make up the fur of the undercoat. These coats grow in bursts, several times per year, which pushes out old hairs rapidly, and often. Yorkies, on the other hand, have one single coat of human-like hair that grows at the same rate consistently throughout the entire year. (Also like human hair) This makes a Yorkie’s shedding cycle much different from that of a double coated dog.


A Yorkie’s Shedding Cycle.

Yes, I said it.. Shedding cycle… which could only mean one thing. Yorkies DO shed.

Sorry if this information bums you out, but the good news is that they shed very little, and it usually goes completely, or almost completely, unnoticed.

A Yorkie has fine, silky hair that has the ability to grow very long if you don’t cut it. These hairs get pushed out eventually over a long period, and new hairs take their place. Many times these old hairs will end up getting stuck in the dogs coat, which is why they are not often seen in the home. This is a continual process that happens non-stop, but at a slow rate, rather than going through a few coat “blow-outs” per year like dogs with fur experience.


Coat Maintenance.

A Yorkie’s coat will need to be brushed daily if you desire to keep it long. Their very fine, silky textured hair is prone to knotting and matting. Brushing daily, (sometimes multiple times per day) will help prevent knots and mats from forming, and will remove fallen hairs from the coat, thus keeping them out of your home and off of your furniture. A shorter cut can go longer between brushing, but it will still be necessary to brush at least once or twice per week. Brushing is good for more than just removing knots, and dead hair. It is also great for bonding with your dog, relaxing your dog, removing dirt and debris from the coat and skin, and stimulating oils in the skin, which leads to a shinier and healthier coat.

Tips for managing a Yorkie’s coat:

    • As mentioned above, brush daily! Here is the brush I use for my Yorkie. It is double-sided, including a pin side for getting deeper hair and dirt dislodged from the coat, while also stimulating the oil glands, and a soft bristle side for picking up the hairs and removing them from the coat.
    • For very stubborn knots or mats, try wetting the coat in that area slightly, and applying a dog conditioner, or detangler, working through it slowly with your fingers. If you try to remove a tough knot with a brush only, you could break and damage the hair.
    • Bathe your Yorkie every 2-3 weeks to keep him/her from getting too much dead skin and hair build up.
    • Keep your Yorkie in a shorter cut if you’re looking for low maintenance, and easy management.

Is it cold out here or is it just me?

Since Yorkies do not have an undercoat, they do not usually enjoy very cold weather. The harsh wind pierces right through the one thin layer of hair and causes them to become chilled. It can be a very uncomfortable experience for your dog!

Luckily, there are plenty of adorable dog coats, sweaters, and boots on the market today which can keep you dog looking and feeling fabulous in the cold months. 🙂

A final word on this shedding thing.

My Willow snuggled in our bed. 🙂

So now you have learned that Yorkies do, in fact, shed, however, it can be compared to the amount of hair that you shed yourself! It is very little and hardly ever noticed. If you take good care of their coat, and bathe them regularly, it is highly unlikely that you will have a problem with their hair lying around the house. You can rest assured that if you own a Yorkie, you will be able to snuggle in bed with them without waking up covered in hair. 🙂

In conclusion Yorkies are a very good choice if you are looking for a very low shedding, and low dander-producing canine friend.


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4 Replies to “Do Yorkies Shed? Learn the truth!

  1. Very interesting. I didn’t know that they had hair instead of fur. I wish my golden retriever had hair. She is extremely difficult to keep maintained! I am looking to add a smaller dog to our growing family. Knowing this, I may be able to convince my wife that we need another dog. Great post!

    1. Yes, I used to have a lab, and man was the shedding difficult to keep up with!! I had to sweep/vacuum multiple times per day. Glad this helped you out, and let me know if you end up adding a Yorkie to the family! ☺️

  2. We are considering having another dog in our home and looking at the different breeds before making our decision. It is nice to know that Yorkies only have one coat of hair. That will help to keep our house cleaner, but on the downside, it will mean we will need to be more aware of the outside temperatures. You have provided some excellent information to help us on our journey to finding the best fit for our family.

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