Sweaters for Yorkies – Our top 7 picks!


Clothing for dogs… some may still roll their eyes at this concept, but Yorkie lovers around the world know that it is not only ridiculously adorable, but can also be practical for your little pup as well!

I have to admit that my all time favorite article of clothing to put my Yorkie in during the cold months, is an ultra cozy, uber stylish, and super cute doggie sweater! Do you like my use of adjectives there? 😉 I can’t help it… I am crazy excited about this post!

Today we are going to show you some of our favorite sweaters for Yorkies, tell you why we think sweaters for dogs are both fun, and functional, and we will probably make you say “aaawww, my baby needs that!!” Because, well… of course they do! <3

Practical reasons to own sweaters for your pup.

OK, so first things first. Why might a dog need a sweater in the first place?

You’re in luck, because we’re about to tell you.


1. To keep them warm

This one is pretty obvious, but it is the most important reason to own sweaters for your Yorkie!

Yorkshire Terriers do not have an undercoat to keep them warm in the winter months. They only have one layer of hair, and sometimes, that is just not enough. Many Yorkies will act hesitant to go out into cold weather, and a stubborn one may straight up refuse to do it! This is not because your Yorkie is being a brat. It is because they are cold! Throw an adorable sweater on that sweet pup to keep him from shivering.

Are you someone that likes to keep the temperature as low as possible in your house throughout the winter to save on heating costs, while piling on layers and blankets to stay warm? I get it! Heating bills are so expensive! But remember, Yorkies can’t just throw on a sweatshirt like we can. So, if you keep your house cooler, do your pet a favor, and help them stay toasty warm with a sweater.

*Note – Very young, and senior Yorkies have a harder time regulating their body temperature on their own and are especially sensitive to harsh weather conditions.

2. Protection from the sun

Now, don’t go putting your Yorkie in a sweater during the summer or anything… You don’t want him to become overheated! However, in many areas, there is still a lot of sun exposure even during the colder months. If you live in one of these areas, a sweater can be very helpful to protect against the sun’s harmful rays during the winter.

3. To protect the coat from dirt, moisture, and tangles

A sweater (or a lighter article of clothing in the summer months) can help keep your Yorkie’s beautiful coat cleaner, dryer, and less tangled. This means less work for you, and more fun and enjoyment for them!

4. Because they’re SO DANG CUTE

OK, maybe this isn’t a practical reason, but come on… You know it’s the truth. 🙂

Picking the right sweater for your Yorkie

This mostly comes down to personal preference, and what you think your furry friend simply cannot live without, but we have a few tips to help make the choices a bit easier for you!


1. The sweater needs to fit…

Seems simple enough right? However, sometimes finding a piece of clothing that fits a tiny Yorkie can be a little challenging!

To make it easier, take measurements of your pet. Measure around his neck, chest, waist, and the length of his back before you purchase anything. Most vendors will have measurements listed in the details section if you are purchasing online. Yorkies typically fall between and extra small and a medium, but sizes can vary dramatically from one brand to the next, so it is best to know your pal’s measurements.

How to Measure:

  • Neck – Use a tape-measure to measure around the dog’s neck where a collar would sit
  • Chest – Wrap the tape measure around the chest, directly behind the front legs
  • Waist – Measure around your dog’s body about where his rib cage ends.
  • Back – Place the end of the tape at the base of your dogs neck and measure to the base of his tail.

*Note – To avoid buying clothing that is a bit too snug on your dog, keep your measuring tape slightly loose with each measurement. You don’t want a sweater to be tight around your pup’s neck, armpits, or waist.



2. Avoid too many “bells and whistles”

A lot of clothing items for dogs can get a bit extreme. I’ve seen bells, and buttons, all kinds of zippers, studs, and lace… etc. Although these extravagant pieces may be cute, try to remember that a lot of this extra “flair” can actually be a choking hazard for your dog if she decides to chew them off in her boredom and curiosity.

If you must have that sweater with the hanging yarn pom poms, and fancy buttons, just be sure to supervise your pet at all times while she is wearing it, and take it off of her if you need to leave your home.


With that being said, let’s get to the fun part, and look at some adorable and functional doggy sweaters!


Our Top Picks!


1. Fitwarm knitted sweatshirts

Fitwarm knitted sweatshirts are a wonderful addition to your pup’s closet! They are nice and thick for keeping your pet cozy, and they even have a hood for added warmth. The cuffs, waistline, and hood of these sweatshirts are lined with a stylish, soft, faux fur-like material for your dog’s comfort and confidence, and there is an easy to use size chart available on Amazon to determine which size would work best for Fido!

These sweatshirts will give your dog a cute, athletic look that is perfect for every-day wear!

*Note – This sweater does not have a slot for leash attachment.


2. JoyTale turtleneck flower studded dog sweater 

Do you love the super cutesy sweaters for your baby? Then this one is for you! This adorable piece is a beautiful soft pink with lovely knitted flowers and frills. It is girly to the extreme, and a great piece to help your fur baby stay warm. Be aware that this sweater does have small pearly beads in the middle of each knitted flower, so this is one of those sweaters that you will want to be around and supervising while your dog is wearing it.

A few people mentioned in reviews that this sweater can run a little small, so be sure to take measurements. If your dog is between sizes, then size up. A convenient size chart is located on Amazon for this sweater as well.

*Note – This Sweater does have a slot for attaching a leash!


3. Blueberry vintage fair isle sweater

These are some of my favorites! I am a sucker for vintage style sweaters, and on dogs, it’s just extra adorable. They are also durable and easy to care for, and are made from 100% acrylic material. They wash up easily, and get this, you can actually order a matching sweater for yourself with this company!! Ha! How cool is that!?

These come in various sizes, and there are many happy customers that love these cozy sweaters for their pups!

*Note – This sweater does have a slot for attaching a leash


4. Blueberry holiday Christmas collection

I have to add these in because Christmas is right around the corner, and one of these sweaters would be just perfect for your Yorkie’s Christmas pictures!! 🙂 Can’t you just see it? Your sweet little pup anxiously awaiting her stocking dressed in one of these classic sweaters? I can… and I’ll be ordering one for myself and for my Willow girl, that’s right… these sweaters also come in matching human sizes!

There are eight festive patterns to choose from, and they each have a cozy turtleneck. Every single one is sure to look perfectly amazing on your furry friend! The sweaters are machine washable, and there is a size chart online for reference.

*Note – This sweater does have a slot for attaching a leash


5. Stinky G dog aran sweater

Funny name, but a great sweater! These are simple, and cute, and come in many fun colors. My favorite colors are the Camel and Millennium Pink, so stylish, and very “on trend” colors… if you care about that kind of thing! 😉 Stinky G sweaters have a lot of good reviews with people saying the fit, and ease of use was great, and many people end up ordering them in several colors! Be sure to wash them on the gentle cycle though, as a few people had issues with unraveling a bit after a wash.

This is a perfect choice for keeping your Yorkie warm indoors, or to give him an extra layer for outdoors as well.

*Note – This sweater does have a slot for attaching a leash


6. CHBORLESS classic knitwear sweater

OK, so I love these. I just think they are super cute, and they look extremely comfortable. I kind of want one for myself to be honest. Haha! These are also a really great price for the quality, and there are ten great colors to choose from. I love the heathered look of these which gives them a sporty, yet casual feel.

There is a size chart located in the product description area on Amazon for these sweaters. Keep in mind that these are made specifically for small to medium dogs, so Sizes do run small. Your tiny Yorkie that normally wears an XS may wear a size Medium in these pullovers, so do not skip the measuring step!

*Note – This sweater does not have a slot for attaching a leash


7. Fitwarm fuzzy fleece thermal jumpsuit

A sweater jumpsuit. What could be better than that? I think I need one of these in my own wardrobe as well! These are actually advertised as pajamas for dogs, Um… I don’t know about you, but I think that is just precious! Fitwarm jumpsuits would be good for a dog who gets a little extra chilly, as it covers more of their body and is super plush and thick. These are perfect for keeping your Yorkie toasty warm, and looking extra cute too.

Many people love this jumpsuit for their dog and were very happy with the sizing as well!

*Note – This sweater jumpsuit does not have a slot for attaching a leash


A final word on Yorkies in sweaters

So there you have it! Our top 7 picks for adorable AND functional sweaters that will work great for your Yorkshire Terrier!

Be sure to measure your little pal first to ensure a good fit, and introduce the sweater to them slowly, especially if they have never worn any kind of doggie clothing before. Give them lots of praise, and love, and a few treats while you’re putting it on them, so that they associate the sweater with happy things!

Most of all, just have fun shopping for your little buddy, and go ahead and order that matching sweater for yourself too…

You know you want to. 😉


Do you have a different sweater that you absolutely love for your Yorkie or other small dog? Let us know in the comments below so that Willow and I can try it out too! We love to hear from our readers!

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26 Replies to “Sweaters for Yorkies – Our top 7 picks!

  1. Sarae, your article makes me feel that I should get a Yorkie and dress it up! Your piece has all the required info on Why to dress them, How to dress them and your recommendations as well. Look forward to reading more of your articles.

  2. Hi Sarae, I really like your post 🙂 so true to
    get sweaters for yorkies, especially at winter time. It looks soo…. cute on them!!!

    nice article!!!

  3. Hi Sarae, you have a great website it’s very infomative and it’s not fair for people to think that it’s wrong or stupid. The fact is that there are people out there that don’t have family or children, and the pets, in this case, dogs are.

  4. I really like your discussion here. It really is important for some dogs to have warm clothing of their own. I’m originally from the state of Maine. Yorkies and other small dogs all need warm sweaters up there. My brother has a dachshund and they cuddle together under blankets and he always has warm clothing for the cold winter months.

    I also really appreciate the advocacy for safety. While some clothes may be super cute, they can be a hazard. That is so important for us all to remember.

    1. Thank you Nicole! It is definitely important. Especially in very cold climates, and yes, many people tend to forget the safety side of things when they see a cute article of clothing for a dog. But, we need to remember they are dogs, and still like to chew and sometimes get into trouble!

  5. I will definitely want to buy a yorkie soon they are so pretty. And those wonderful sweaters for the winter season are so adorable I feel I will be getting my yorkie ALL of them. Thanks for the information.

  6. I love all of your pictures—how could one not, Yorkies are so cute. I’m wondering if those sweaters come in sizes small enough for a little 5 pounder?
    Some of those are just too adorable!!
    Thanks, Laura

    1. Yes! I specifically wanted to recommend sweaters that mostly came in sizes small enough to fit even the tiniest dogs. My Willow is only 6lbs, and she fits into most of these. I definitely recommend measuring first though no matter what. They all have sizing charts on Amazon so that you can choose the correct size for your furry friend!! 🙂

  7. My girlfriend just told me she wanted one of these dogs the other day and that was the first time I’ve actually heard about them, but damn they seem so cute in these sweaters. The Blueberry vintage fair isle sweater seems like the best choice since I also love vintage just like yourself! Thanks a lot for all the inspiration Sarae!

    1. They really are great little dogs!! Some men are hesitant to get them because they are small and may seem kind of “girly,” but they are super spunky and full of energy dogs! Even the females are often very tom-boy-ish in nature. I highly recommend them. (obviously) 🙂 …. The vintage sweaters are definitely some of my very favorites!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Hey Sarae, I decided to check out your website on Yorkies. 

    Its sooooo cute. Now I want a Yorkie.  Great another mouth to feed LOL.  The 1st thing that caught my eye was the cute pics of course.  The overall scheme is very clear.  The first paragraph told me this is definitely was for dog lovers.  SoI knew the site would elaborate on that, which is cool. 

    The subject of doggy clothes is major. If I had a Yorkie this site would be a favorite. 

    But I look forward to exploring more about Yorkie stuff on your site. 

    Thanx Again for Sharing


  9. Very well organized and informative article! I personally have a German Shepard and my family is always looking out for her best interests. I can see how sweaters for small dogs like Yorkies can be quite practical for reasons you mentioned such as keeping them warm. I think we should do everything we can do to take care of our dogs and it’s sites like yours that help people do that! Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement and kind words! The well-being of dogs around the world is very important to us. 🙂 

  10. Way too adorable!!

    Dressing up your dog is so cute and functional for the colder months.  You wouldn’t want your little furry friend to freeze out there.  Even though they have fur they still get cold.

    I have a dog that is a rottweiler, beagel and shepard mix.  I would dress her up if I could but she does not like that at all.

    I did not realize that dogs would also need protection from the sun, it does make sense though.

    1. Oh yes! Dogs can get sunburn just like people! However, dogs that have hair like Yorkies are a little more susceptible to it because they do not have an undercoat and the sun can penetrate to their skin easier. 

      Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

  11. Hmmm A Yorkie website and a great article on Yorkie’s.  I don’t have any kind of dogs but I will tell you my mother in law does have a Yorkie and this Yorkie is like her kid.  I can guarantee she is going to love this website and I can almost guarantee she will be a customer.  This is a great article and a great website.

  12. So what could be cuter than a Yorker?…uh… that would be a Yorkie in a sweater.  I started using a sweater in winter months on my Dachshund – which he hated at first. Now he lives it doesn’t mind when it’s cold and damp out. you bring up a very important step—- You must spend time measuring and sizing the right sweater.   Never just hold one up and say “this looks like it will fit”…. you’ll be wrong. Great job!

    1. Thank you! Yes, my dog was definitely not a fan at first either! It is so unfamiliar to them. But in time they learn that it is helpful to them, not harmful. 

      I love dachshunds too!! SO CUTE!

  13. I am seeing many people are clothing their dogs and I don’t really understand why they are doing it. In my mind every living organism can adjust to their habitat and environs. But if I see my pet shivering while I’m not because I have thick coat I know she’he needs it like me.

    You can teach many people thinking like mine through this site. I agree and appreciate the idea that yorkies need clothing to warm themselves.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read, and to see the need for sweaters on Yorkies during the winter months! It truly does help them stay warm and comfortable. 🙂

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